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"It is thrilling for me to join this team at 1st UMC!  I have been welcomed very well and am absolutely amazed by the willingness of so many to jump in and serve! My 28 years of teaching, coaching, and/or working with children with special needs have hopefully equipped me to make a positive difference fueled by the love of Christ. It is my prayer that each child will grow to know that he or she is "the one whom Jesus loves". I want each one to know the height and width and depth and length of His love for them, and that He has a special plan for his/her life.  I have been married for 20 years and get to be the mother of three who are now almost 18, 16 and 14. This is my heart's desire for them as well as for the children involved in Kid Quest. Thank you for the opportunity to love and equip them with the Truth, so that they can be free in Christ and full of hope for the abundant life He has promised them.  Blessings!" Tara

KID QUEST is a children’s Bible-study program on Wednesday afternoons offered by the Bremen 1 st UMC. This program is an active, Bible-based study which will not only teach children about God, but also how to share God’s Word and Love with others, and encourage them to live according to God’s plan daily.

Our Motto is: Learning About God, Using the Bible, Living for Jesus.

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  • kidquest Director, tara nix
  • OFFICE: 770-537-2672 Ext: 5
  • Cell Ph. 678-249-4598  
  • Email:
  • Children's Ministry Director, Leanna Mehan 770-500-5541