Sunday School Classes sunday mornings

  • Seekers Couple's Class meets in the second classroom on the left if you enter from the portico
    Teacher: Joy Jones


  • Fidelis - Women's Sunday School Class 4th room on the left with the double doors coming from the poritco. Teachers: Barry Williams, Shirley Easterwood, Joy Witcher, Margie Dukes, Kathy Huggins, Carol Murphy, Joy Jones, Bernard Willoughby

  • Men's Bible Study Class in the Chapel
    Teachers:  Richard Gillespie, Tom Dickerson, John Huggins, Mitchell Hurston, Scott Hodges‚Äč


  • Querencia Class meets in the second class on the left coming from Branham Hall.  
    Teacher: Class members take turns

  • Young Adults Class 1st room on the left coming from the portico.  Young Adults 20s-30s. Co-Ed.
    Teacher: Brandon Smith

  • PreK-5th- last room on the right before the restrooms coming from the portico
    Teacher: Cynthia Ayo, Katie Gore, Pam Armas

  • Youth - 6th-12th grade- in the youth room
    Teacher: Brian Hammond